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There is something nerve-wracking about putting yourself out there - whatever form it takes yet, it's important that we do.


So, here I am.  


Hello, I'm Alexandra - wife, mother of two and Owner of Nara Cambridge. 


Setting up my own company was never in my life plan but, when I was dealt a hand I wasn't expecting, I decided it was time to take a risk and, step out from behind my much-loved, nine to forever career. 


I hope you enjoy what we do as much as I do. 


Our ethos is to create a collection of luxury home accessories which are as fresh and relevant today as they were yesterday and, will be tomorrow. 


Just like fashion, interior trends come and go but, we don’t chase trends. We look beyond them, focusing on understated, yet sophisticated styles which will last.  Classic lines which won’t date. Helping you create a home which exudes a sense of quiet confidence – which feels sophisticated yet inviting. 


I’m frequently asked why Nara Cambridge? Like so many things in life, childhood experiences often shape our tastes and style. My maternal grandparents spent much of their early adult lives travelling the world with my mother in tow. Growing up, theirs and our family home were filled with worldly decorative elements from Africa, Asia and the Americas, mixed with classic English antiques and artwork.


This fearless combination of finishes, furniture and features from different eras and styles helped create the timeless interior style I’ve grown to cherish. 

So, the Nara part of the name is inspired by a photograph of my much-loved Grandmother feeding the deer in Nara Park, Japan, in the fifties.


The other, my home today, Cambridge.


A quintessentially British city bursting with beautiful architecture, art and culture but, at the same time at the cutting edge of science and technology. 


It’s this fusion, a love of mixing old and new, to a create homes which are neither over the top or boring which is the essence of Nara Cambridge. 


Many of the items in our collection are handcrafted by skilled artisans so, no two pieces are identical with slight variations in shape, colour and pattern.  Meaning each has a story to tell which goes with it from our store to your home.


View of Kings College, Cambridge
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