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This month we're celebrating our 'Autumn Icons'. 

The ceramic pieces you've coveted the most, all photographed as you've never seen them

before, against the beautiful backdrop of the City we call home - Cambridge.







Imperial Lion Bookends  

Don't our Imperial Bookends look majestic guarding the gates to Trinity College, Cambridge - the alma mater of our new Monarch, King Charles III.  

Handcrafted and hand-painted in the Jiangxi Province of China, these make the perfect pair of decorative bookends. The male lion (right) has a ball under its foot to represent the world while the female lion (left) rests hers gently on  a cub to represent nature and a nurturing spirit.


Pagoda Bowl 

We're fast becoming known for our classic collection of blue and white ceramics and the Pagoda Bowl is where it all started.


The first product chosen for the collection, it takes two days for an artist to hand-paint just one bowl and when you see the detail up close, you can see why. 

Salander Lidded Jar 


Gonville & Caius provides the backdrop to our Salander Jar.


Simply known as 'Keys' locally, it's the forth oldest college in Cambridge having been founded in 1348. It was around this time that dragons were first used on ceramics as a symbol of power in Imperial China. 

Dragons typically have four claws but, those depicted on Imperial ceramics always have five. The beautifully hand-painted dragon on our Salander Jar has five. 


Chubu Lidded Jar 

Finally, we couldn't use Cambridge as our location without including Kings' College. 

Our hand-painted Chubu Lidded Jar is set against the carved screens which run along the front of the College. 

One half of a pair of mis-matched, hand-painted jars, the Chubu features a whimsical design featuring boats and mountains and magical landscapes. 

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