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Whether it's a small, relaxed affair or a large, formal dinner party, table linens are an affordable and sustainable way to add obvious visual impact to your table setting. With so many designs we're sure to have one to suit your next occasion. 

Valued Craftsmanship 

Most embroidery napkins you will see being offered for sale are embroidered by industrial, computer-operated,  multi-needle machines which can produce dozens of napkins simultaneously.  


We prefer to take a slower, more meticulous approach, working with incredibly talented craftspeople who employ traditional techniques. So, you'll find many of our napkins are either hand embroidered, which means every single thread is stitched by hand, or free-hand embroidered where a single-needle machine is used like an artist's pen to embroider the design using a skilled eye and a steady hand. This means our napkins are heirloom quality and by purchasing from us you will be helping support valuable employment, as well as keep heritage techniques alive. 

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