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Our focus is on durable design – timeless pieces which, with the correct care and maintenance can give you years of enjoyment. 


Here is the Nara Cambridge guide on keeping your purchases in tip-top condition. 


  • Handwashing is recommended. 

  • Handwash individually in warm soapy water using a gentle detergent and a non-abrasive sponge or cloth. 

  • Always wash glassware before first use.

  • Air dry where possible. 

  • Once dry, use a soft, lint-free cloth to remove water marks, leaving your glassware looking its sparkling best. 

  • Do not stack glassware or turn upside down as this can cause damage.

  • Please also be aware that extreme temperatures can crack or shatter glass so, avoid pouring liquids which are either very hot or very cold into your glassware. 


  • Do not use abrasive materials when cleaning as this can damage the glaze or hand-painted designs on many of our products. 

  • Clean using a dry or slightly damp soft cloth. 

  • Air dry, where possible. 


  • All our napkins wash well. 

  • We recommend a gentle machine wash using a mild detergent and a cool setting. 

  • The colours on our napkins our colourfast but, we still recommend you wash them separately. 

  • Dry flat. Iron whilst damp for a professional finish. 

  • Iron on the napkin on the reverse and gently pull taught as you iron over the embroidery to avoid puckering around the stitches. 

  • Do not bleach or use other form of aggressive detergent. 


  • Gently brush using a soft toothbrush or nail brush to remove dirt and dust. 

  • Avoid storing your basket near artificial heat or in direct sunlight as this is likely to make it more brittle and can cause burn marks.

  • Keep your basket away from humidity, it is likely to get mouldy and may cause further damage.

  • If your basket does become misshapen, spray lightly with cold water. Let the basket rest for five minutes, allowing the grass to absorb the moisture and become pliable. Bend and reshape your basket as required. Leave to dry naturally. 

Wall Art

  • Keep out of direct sunlight.

  • Do not lean anything against the surface of your wall art.

  • Lightly clean with a soft, dry cloth to prevent a build-up of dust.

  • Avoid hanging your wall art in an areas with excessive heat, dryness, humidity or cold such as above radiators or on damp walls.    

Nara Cambridge is not responsible for any damage or defects caused by misuse. 

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