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Why we do things the way we do 

We're all about beautiful, decorative home accessories - pieces which offer something special to a home. But we also recognise the responsibility on us to do what we do responsibly, providing positive change in the communities we operate in and with as little impact on the planet as possible. Contributing to a better and more sustainable future for all. 

We aim is to offer products which will last, for the quality of build and by focusing on classic, heritage-led (rather than trend-led) designs which will endure - destined to become future heirlooms. 

Our emphasis is on quality rather than luxury. Encouraging our customers to buy less but, better - items which can be loved for longer and, passed on to be enjoyed by future generations. We don’t and won’t always get it right but, it’s always our intent.  


It’s not just important to us but, it means a lot to our makers. We try and support and work with artisans with a particular focus on traditional techniques and skills, often passed down from generation to generation. These time-honoured techniques have barely changed for all the right reasons. Our hope is that with our support we can play a small part in keeping these traditions and techniques alive as well as provide essential employment.  

Our makers are hand-picked for being the very best at what they do but, this does mean that our products sometimes travel a fair distance to get to us. We try to offset this by moving items by train instead of planes and boats, where we can, because we know it’s kinder to the planet. 

We are also doing all we can to work with suppliers who care about the planet as much as we do - everyone from the companies which print our labels to our couriers.

With every purchase we do our best to tread the fine line between wasteful packaging and broken items. We reuse and recycle as much packaging as possible which means the outer packaging purchases arrive in might not look tip-top but, we believe it’s a compromise worth making for the sake of the environment. 

We're not perfect and, our contribution today is small but, we also recognise that lasting change does not happen overnight. 


This is just the beginning of our journey, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our approach. 

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