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 July 2022

Nothing says summer like easy, breezy linens and, cared for correctly they should last you a lifetime.   




Hand-embroidered, our collection of luxury linens are a simple yet, effective way to transform your table  for the season ahead - here are our top tips for keeping them in tip-top condition. 


Easy Does It 

Tried and tested, our napkins wash beautifully. 


We recommend a gentle machine wash using a mild detergent and a cool setting. 


The colours are colourfast but, we still recommend washing them separately, to be safe. 


Dry flat and iron whilst damp for a professional finish. 

Our insider tip is to iron embroidered napkins on the reverse, pulling the linen taught as you go over the stitching to avoid any puckering.

Beautifully Made 

Hand embroidered using a flat satin stitch on fine white linen and, finished with a classic hand-drawn hemstitch border.


We work with small collective of women in Vietnam where hand-embroidery is a 700 year-old skill which reflects the beliefs and cultural values of the Vietnamese people. 


Planet Friendly

Not only does linen look good but, it's also gentler on the environment. 

Flax requires fewer pesticides to grow and its fibres are slightly longer so, it lasts a little longer than cotton.  


It also takes less water to produce linen fabric, compared with cotton and, the fibres can be processed without chemicals which can only be a good thing!

Shop our best-selling range of linen napkins - we have styles not just for summer but, for every season. 

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