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May 2022

Known for its calming qualities, green is associated with new life, hope, harmony and vitality. So, it makes sense that we might want to bottle a few of  those  feelings and bring the outside into our homes.  


Green is also associated with nature, growth, spring and renewal. It is a sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living. 


Just think how restorative a walk in the countryside can be, or how refreshed you can feel after a day outdoors in the garden or the park.


It goes someway to explain why actors go into a ‘green room’ before they perform to help them relax, and research shows that hospital patients recover quicker when they have a green view compared with a building or brick wall. Green is a colour with deep-rooted connections with our wellbeing.


Please Don't Eat Our Greens... 


...but do, use them to add a pop of colour to your dining table or kitchen. 

Perennially popular, our faux artichokes are hyper-realistic. When stocked at one of our Pop-Ups, customers always reaching out  to see if they're real. 

You could say, it's a simple way to top-up your five-a-day! 


Personally, we love to mix sizes, large and small, for an eye-catching display. 

Quality Craftsmanship 

We're all about curating a home with less but better – prioritising simplicity, sustainability. Designs, handmade to last. 

Our hand-embroidered napkins tick all the boxes and are a simple but, sophisticated way add a touch of green to your next gathering.  

Many of the napkins on the market are machine stitched. Not ours, we're proud to say each one is hand stitched for us by a wonderful collective of women. 


Wash well? It's the question we're always asked. 'Absolutely'. Tried and tested by us.  

Our current collection includes feathers and two styles of ferns. For Autumn/Winter we're working on a beautiful new design in the deepest forest shade.  


Touches of Green 


If you're not looking to go all-out in green, then candle holders are another simple way to add touches. 


Our Pardus Leopards are sandwiched  betwen stylised, green acanthus leaves. Often used in Classical Greek and Roman architecture, the acanthus leaf symbolises rebirth. 

If leopards are not to your liking then our Saru Monkey Candle Holders, also made in resin, are a cheeky alternative. 

Feeling inspired and looking for more fresh shades of  inspiration?  

Click to shop our Green Edit. 

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